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We are a multidisciplinary company with a core business revolving around the design, distribution and supply of products to the surgical and medical aesthetic sectors. Our dedicated workforce consist of clinicians, engineers and business managers ensuring that regardless of the project we are able to give a concise and cost competitive solution to our customers.

Together with our consumable medical product division, supplying plastic surgery, vascular surgery and aesthetic procedure components we manufacture a wide range of specific components associated with body contouring. Our manufacturing expertise extends to medical laser component and medical ultrasound probe manufacture. As of 2011 we are the largest producer of body contouring ultrasound probes in Europe and have registered over 20 individual patents.

Alongside our desire to distribute the best built and most highly effective products in the marketplace we distribute Fotona cosmetic and surgical laser systems. Fotona lasers are some of the most versatile medical lasers currently in the medical sector and are respected the world over by both aesthetic and clinical practitioners.

This attention quality and efficacy is in our history – and will continue to be in our dream.

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