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Bespoke Instruments : Introduction

ABMEtech bespoke surgical instruments are designed and manufactured in our well established production unit. This unit can boast over 40 years experience in the manufacturing of technical instruments for the surgical industry and its allied trades.

We are currently certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 with SGS United Kingdom.


The majority of our consumable products, with the exception of the Fibertech laser fibers (made in Germany), are manufactured in the U.K. at our partner factory, which is located in north London. Within our north London base, we also have a class 10,000 (J) cleanroom and steam sterilisation facilitiy. Both these facilities are covered by our microbiological and bio-burden test protocols, in line with all current European requirements.

Within the online shop section of this web-site are the relevant prices of our consumable products. The products listed only cover the general range of instruments and related items that we are currently distributing and of course our large stocks of cannula, laser fibers, stainless steel tubing type AISI 304. The actual range of equipment that we are producing for customers specific requirements is far greater, and covers a much wider spectrum of products.

Being a progressive company, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements, for the manufacture of your own specific product solutions.

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