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From the initial consultation with our design team we can have a prototype answer to you in just a matter of days. As we have the manufacture and CE accredited sterilisation facilities all under one roof we can produce our customers the answer they are looking for in a very shirt time.

Once our customers are satisfied with the prototyping, we can commence low (10-100 pieces) , medium (100-1000 pieces) or high volume (1000 pieces up) production within short time scales. Using the latest CNC technology ensures that any product can be manufactured repeatedly, to the highest tolerances.

The fast turnaround times together with a high quality product means our customers can soon retail the new product through their own outlets or work with our experienced marketing team to market their new solution.

ABMEtech also offer a patient application facility for those customers that have developed a solution and want to protect it. Our engineering development office has the facility to generate working drawings that will accompany any patent application that may result from our collaboration.

By using the ABMEtech partner network it is possible to quickly and rapidly gain access to both surgical and aesthetic markets around the world. This is of particular value when launching a new product where rapid international market penetration is required.

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